My House 

(yes, it's in the middle of my street)

  1. Chris' Closet
    Chris' Closet
    Drawers, shelves, baskets... what I've always dreamed of! (If the 13 year old boy could keep it tidy!)
  2. Chris' Closet
    Chris' Closet
    A couple of "sweater boxes" from The Container Store for those extras that those 4 lonely drawers just can't hold! And some locker shelves that he couldn't use to organize his sweats!
  3. Title 3
    Title 3
    Those baskets? One per sport... Bottom shelf has snow pants... 'Cause the snow ain't stopping!
  4. Chris' Closet
    Chris' Closet
    Whatever basket is on top, is the sport he's playing this season. Of course, they overlap...
  5. Chris' Closet
    Chris' Closet
    T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and more T-Shirts! At least he knows what color goes where!
  6. Chris' Bedroom
    Chris' Bedroom
    Everything he could possibly need... at his fingertips (of course!)
  7. Chris' Shelves
    Chris' Shelves
    All those tidy crates hide his toiletries, nebulizer, DS systems, clean socks... All those things a teenage boy would like to admit he doesn't need or still plays with!
  8. Chris' Shelves
    Chris' Shelves
    Electronics, Halloween Candy, memorabilia, books he never reads...
  9. Chris' Storage Bench
    Chris' Storage Bench
    Keeps his stinky shoes out of sight and out of smell! (The snack container? Dude needs to snack at all times!)
  10. Ellie's Closet
    Ellie's Closet
    Her "long stuff" closet
  11. Ellie's Closet
    Ellie's Closet
    My girl is a pack rat! We've got clothes, candy, dolls, pitching training tools.. oh my!
  12. Ellie's Closet
    Ellie's Closet
    Not my favorite shoe rack in the world... but it will do! And what's a girl's room without a karaoke machine!
  13. Ellie's Room
    Ellie's Room
    Behind those mirrors? More drawers, cell phone chargers, toys, (which always goes together, right), scarves, collectables... I could go on and on and on and on...
  14. Ellie's Room
    Ellie's Room
    Make-up station (and a countdown of how many school days are left... again, always goes together?)
  15. Ellie's Desk
    Ellie's Desk
    Trophies, books, computer and Tiger Beat!
  16. Master Closet
    Master Closet
    Never enough room for shoes...
  17. Mike's Side
    Mike's Side
    His casual side... Golf shirts and workout clothes
  18. Linen Closet
    Linen Closet
    Baskets for toiletries! Baskets are the best invention EVAH!
  19. Terri's Side
    Terri's Side
    Why is mine the messiest? How does that happen?
  20. Bathroom Vanity
    Bathroom Vanity
    Can never have too many baskets....
  21. Linen Closet
    Linen Closet
    Bath towels.. of course! And my locked fire boxes.. Be Prepared!
  22. Laundry Room
    Laundry Room
    So pumped my laundry room is in my bedroom! But it's tight! How I have to air dry my delicates...
  23. Laundry Room
    Laundry Room
    I said it was tight! Ironing board in the wall? Genius! (And reminds me of several Tom and Jerry episodes)
  24. Laundry Room
    Laundry Room
    Had shelves put in over the washer/dryer. PLUS, those red boxes? Holding bins of memorabilia that need to get to their permanent home.
  25. Ellie's Closet
    Ellie's Closet
    All FIVE members of One Direction... yes FIVE!
  26. Ellie's Closet
    Ellie's Closet
    Sleepover gear...
  27. Ellie's Room
    Ellie's Room
    Just thought this website needed a picture of a stuffed Zebra's butt.