Junk Room to Home Office

Re-purposing was the best part...

  1. Armoire
    Beautiful piece that just didn't fit in the new house. She wanted to get rid of it; I just couldn't do it! What to do with it?
  2. The old desk
    The old desk
    Ay carumba!
  3. The Desk!
    The Desk!
    Make that armoire into a desk!
  4. Functional!
    I added a "keyboard tray" from Amazon to hold a laptop. Printer, phone charger, paper holder all fit beautifully on top!
  5. Phone Charger
    Phone Charger
    A place for each girl! This was "homemade" out a doll storage case!
  6. Small Details
    Small Details
    The client picked out the BEST chair to accent the "home office". That blue paper? It's regular contact paper to cover the HUGE hole left in the armoire from the TV.
  7. Top Drawer
    Top Drawer
    What used to hold socks and underwear, now holds school supplies and photo paper!
  8. Bottom Drawer
    Bottom Drawer
    Used drawer organizers she had lying around to put that desk to full use!
  9. The Corner
    The Corner
    What to do with those things you don't know what to do with? Throw it in the corner!
  10. The After Corner
    The After Corner
    Corner bench made from shelves from Target! The cushions? I did those myself too!
  11. The Corner
    The Corner
    Just thought this looked super cool with the sunlight coming in. And I love, love those pillows!
  12. The Piano - Before
    The Piano - Before
    Just a catch - a table of sorts!
  13. Closet
    Before we got to work. Holder of clothes that needed to be donated, papers and file boxes everywhere!
  14. And more Piano
    And more Piano
    The old purpose of that piano... a great place to lean your hedge saw? Love!
  15. Storage Bench - Oh yeah
    Storage Bench - Oh yeah
    A three cube storage bench turned on it's head! A perfect place for holding important papers divided into file boxes.
  16. Closet
    The shelf on the top of that bench... now perfect to hold cleaning supplies!
  17. Closet -Take 2
    Closet -Take 2
    Now she can keep what she needs to in there, without fear of anything getting ruined.
  18. Coming Soon!
    Coming Soon!
    A Corner TV! The piano is a great holder of everything Verizon! Still kinda like a table.. but with real purpose!