Terri Hecht

Professional Organizer, Owner

I can't do your taxes, or sew your child a halloween costume.  But I can get your house in order and help you and your family live an organized life!
Little Mess Perfect is everything I'm not..
Little - at 5'7", no way.
Messy - just my crazy hair.
Perfect - not even close.

And it Starts

Change of Life

Just the Beginning

Honesty is always my policy.  I can't sugar coat it;  I am brand new at this.  My home is crazy organized and I've started working on projects in my friends' homes. (Thankfully, they have great and brutally honest feedback!)  Like everything in life, this business is a work in progress.  But I promise to treat your home as I would my own.  It will be so much fun!!!
I worked for Prudential for a bit after I graduated from college.  Then got married, had 2 kids and became a "stay-at-home mom".  But sitting still is not my thing.  Being home led me to so many volunteer opportunities  - CCD teacher, PTA President, PTA Treasurer,  PTA Recording Secretary, Lunch Aide, Kindergarten Aide, softball coach, class mom, etc.  Now that my kids are older (15 & 12) and don't need me as much (sniff, sniff), I decided to do something that I have a natural knack for and that I love.  (Nerdy, I know!)

Maybe it was those 9 years of Catholic School that led me to this organized life (I'm always "leaving room for the Holy Spirit"!) Or it could have been trying to find my own place in that monstrosity called "Westfield High School".  I know that BA in English from Kean University certainly didn't push me this way.  Let's just say it's in the genes and leave it at that!